Filecoin announces standard configuration for storage mining on its testnet

Filecoin officially announced the standard configuration of its public testnet storage mining based on Lotus on a blog today. The official recommended hardware sector size is 32GiB and the disk space is guaranteed to be at least 512 GiB. At present, the GPU only supports NVIDIA. Filecoin officially stated that the testnet will initially support 1GiB disks temporarily so that miners can easily join the network, but after the testnet is launched, a fork upgrade will be performed to stop testing support for 1GiB disks. At that time, the time and date of the upgrade will be announced. mechanism. At the same time, Filecoin stated that this time it is only the standard configuration of testnet storage mining, not the final standard configuration of the mainnet. Earlier reports, Filecoin will be launched on the testnet at around 2am on December 12, and is planned to be launched on the mainnet in March 2020.