Report: The blockchain business involved in domestic concept stocks is dominated by physical application scenarios, accounting for up to 56.3%

According to the news on December 10, the number one think tank statistics found that 215 blockchain concept stocks were distributed most in the five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, 43 respectively in Guangzhou, 40 in Beijing, 13 in Hangzhou, 10 in Shanghai, and 8 in Guangzhou. only. From the perspective of the industry, companies in the fields of computer, media and electronics are mostly. From the perspective of the blockchain business mainly involved in concept stocks, the number of enterprises in the physical application scenario category is the largest, accounting for 56.3%, and involves specific applications such as traceability, certificate storage, e-government, Internet of Things, supply chain, and digital marketing. The second is the financial application scenario, accounting for 14.0%, involving supply chain finance, credit reporting, insurance, and points. And infrastructure technology solutions, accounting for 13.5%.