Shenzhen's Futian District will accelerate the completion of the country's first digital currency building

According to the Shenzhen Special Zone News on December 9, the "Futian District People's Government of the Communist Party of China's Committee of the People's Government of China implements the action plan to build a" four centers "and accelerate the construction of a model city of socialist modernization (2019-2025)" Plan ") was officially issued in early December. In the next step, each unit will carry out specific work in accordance with the above action plan. The "Action Plan" proposed that Futian District will build a leading demonstration area of ​​digital finance, accelerate the completion of the country's first digital currency building, the country's first credit building, and other digital financial carriers, and build a legal digital currency research and development and personal credit system construction. At the core, the upstream and downstream digital financial demonstration zone covers the entire industrial chain. Be the first to build a cross-border financial pilot demonstration zone. Actively strive to build a big data center and big data trading platform in the Greater Bay Area to provide support for financial innovation and technological innovation.