Ling listening to the 2020 New Year's speech 5 major topics are exposed for the first time, application, trend, supervision, wealth and yourself

On December 27, the world's first block chain new year speech "Ling Listening 2020" will be launched in Hangzhou. Today, Lingting has exposed five major themes for the first time in 2020:
1. Application: Remove the fog of rumors and reveal the origin of technology
2. Trend: stand on the car, not on the wall
3. Supervision: Practitioner's safety line, how do boots fall?
4. Wealth: The base of "freedom" is the meaning of life
5. Yourself: The abundance and firmness of your heart. Lingling 2020 is based on the theme of "Sense of Certainty". It is led by Babit's vice president / editor and Lingting blockchain promoter Tang Xialing. Together with 3 important guests and 9 industry think tanks Observed deeply, invited 200 super listeners to come to the scene to create the strongest blockchain idea feast of the year. This New Year's Eve speech is produced by Babbitt and is exclusive to Iqiyi.

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