Less than 1 hour from Cosmos hard fork upgrade

As of now, the height of the Cosmos network block is 2901400, and the average block production speed is about 6 S. It is less than 1 hour from the hard fork upgrade height of 2092000. It is reported that the main proposal of the COSMOS HUB 3 upgrade includes governance aspects: 1. Open the community fund pool as a deposit for the governance proposal; 2. Enable the proposal to modify the parameters on the chain without interrupting or forking the network; 3. If the result of the proposal is "Failed", the deposit will be returned to the depositor. The proposal "Rejected" does not apply. Regarding pledge: Increase the maximum number of Cosmos validators from 100 to 125. Earlier, COSMOS officially announced that the COSMOS HUB 3 upgrade planned to be performed at a block height of 1933000 encountered a failure, and was subsequently postponed to this day.