Bitcoin Core Developer: Ethereum Extension Solution ZK Sync Does Not Guarantee "Security Is Equal To L1"

Crypto Research Center Matter Labs has recently published a blog post introducing ZK Sync, an Ethereum payment Layer-2 extension solution. The article mentions how ZK Sync is designed to achieve VISA-scale throughput and thousands of transactions per second. At the same time maintain the security of funds in the underlying L1 account and maintain ultra-low latency to provide instant economics.
Bitcoin core developer and former Blockstream CTO Gregory Maxwell commented that this article "lead a false statement" that "security is exactly equivalent to L1." Security is, at best, at the level of some good behavior constraints. Back in 2013, the idea was presented on the BitcoinTalk forum. However, the underlying technology at that time was too immature to start implementing it. He subsequently added that he expects that Bitcoin will get similar functionality after the idea is "proved." He also claimed that neither the Ethereum Foundation nor Matter Labs could patent this broad concept because it had been publicly published years before their research began.