Pantera Capital CEO: Fundamentals affecting bitcoin price trends have become stronger

Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead has released a year-end report on the current state of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Morehead said he believes that investors in bitcoin and distributed ledger technologies should take a long-term view of their assets and expect a return in about five to ten years. He believes that compared to the crypto bear market in 2014-2015, the fundamentals that affect the price of bitcoin are now much stronger. With leading endowment funds and companies such as Yale, Fidelity, JPMorgan, and ICE (Bakkt), and improvements in scalability, he believes the crypto market will remain the same Logarithmic trend.
At the same time, Morehead also believes that three major obstacles to Bitcoin and the adoption of cryptocurrencies remain. He said that the blockchain platform needs to be able to process large amounts of application data and transactions. New fiat currency portals need to be created to allow easy conversion between digital currencies and government-backed currencies, and the appropriate infrastructure for developing more complex decentralized applications must be established for the industry to grow in the long run.