Fuzhou City Conference to Study Several Measures to Accelerate the Development of Blockchain Industry

According to Fuzhou News Network, on April 24, Fuzhou Mayor Yu Mengjun presided over the 7th executive meeting of the municipal government this year. The meeting studied a number of measures to accelerate the development of blockchain industry in Fuzhou. The meeting pointed out that the formulation of special policies and measures to support the development of blockchain industry in Fuzhou City is to further implement the three-year action plan for digital Fuzhou construction, increase the support for blockchain technology innovation and industrial development, and build a comprehensive experimental zone for blockchain economy. Important initiatives. The meeting stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the project to promote the solid development of blockchain technology and industry application, accelerate the exploration and implementation of the pilot demonstration of blockchain application, and strive for the city's blockchain technology innovation, talent cultivation, demonstration application, industrial development. The other side is in the forefront of the province.