Leader of Tencent blockchain technology: Excellent blockchain application scenarios need to meet three dimensions

Source of this article: International Financial News

Author: Yu Jichao

"What kind of scenario does the blockchain solve? It was originally a question of uncertainty. But we can identify its application scenarios from three completely independent dimensions." Recently, Wang Zongyou, head of Tencent's blockchain technology, is in China Electronics Technology Said at the Blockchain Standards Salon Series organized by the Institute of Standardization.

Wang Zongyou pointed out that the first dimension is the nature of blockchain, that is, multi-party participation. Multi-party participation means that there are very complicated processes and high trust costs (anti-tampering) between the original participants, which is exactly what the blockchain technology itself can solve. Anti-tampering brings trust and value. The trust between different companies is very low. For example, the payment process between companies is often very complicated, and the blockchain can solve the trust problem.

The second dimension is business behavior, that is, all parties have the motivation to participate, can solve practical problems, and have a consistent mechanism for on-chain and off-line information. Wang Zongyou admits that it is very important for all participants in the blockchain to have motivation. The blockchain solves the off-chain problems. If the information on the chain is false, there will be no value in the credit overlay. This is the source tracing. How to ensure that the things on the chain are the same as what the user buys is a question worth thinking about.

The third dimension-industry development trends. Taking the development trend of the Internet as an example, the initial stage of the development of the Internet was a replacement for the original scene, E-mail replaced paper correspondence, and the portal replaced the original newspaper. In the second stage of the Internet, many model innovations have appeared, such as mobile games and e-commerce. The third stage is the stage of true integration with the industry, so all companies are now upgrading the Internet +.

"If a scenario can meet these three dimensions, then this scenario has a high probability of becoming an excellent blockchain application scenario. And these three dimensions are reflected in the blockchain electronic invoice scenario. Blockchain electronic invoices It is also a manifestation of good technology, which can help create a more convenient, efficient, and fair competition business environment. "Wang Zongyou said.

According to Wang Zongyou's analysis, electronic invoices involve multiple parties, including tax bureaus, reimbursement companies, invoicing companies, and users. Each party has a high trust cost. It turned out that the tax bureau needed a complicated system to check whether the invoice was consistent with the transaction behind it. Now relying on the blockchain electronic invoice, you can ensure the authenticity of the invoice from multiple aspects. For example, false invoicing now requires forgery of payment information. In order to forge payment information, more forgery is needed to support it. This is very difficult, and problems can be found from any angle.