CFTC's 2019 reauthorization bill has been submitted to the House of Representatives, one of which requires the CFTC to issue guidelines for virtual currencies

According to Forbes, on November 26, the House of Representatives included Resolution 4895 on the federal calendar, and the CFTC Reauthorization Act of 2019 has been approved by the House Agriculture Committee and will be submitted with the House Report. "Article 109-Digital Commodities" in the bill updated the Commodity Exchange Law regulations, requiring the CFTC to enact regulations on derivatives derived from virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. House report 116-313 specifies current policy changes: the bill directs the CFTC to adopt rules detailing transactions and trader data, and the Trading Commission and swap enforcement agencies must be able to obtain additional information from digital goods in the cash market to fulfill their respective obligations to prevent The market is disrupted. The current CFTC Reauthorization Act of 2019 does not clearly define what "digital goods" are. There is no detailed information on the definition of digital goods in the bill or report, there is only one reference describing "digital goods (such as Bitcoin)". At the same time, a federal court ruling published on the CFTC website showed that the CFTC has declared "Bitcoin" and other virtual currencies defined as commodities. As of press time, the 2019 CFTC Reauthorization Act is pending in the House of Representatives, and the Senate Agriculture Committee will review the issue of digital goods and other content.