Yi Huanhuan, Dean of Beijing Internet Finance Association Research Institute: Ten predictions for the future of blockchain

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 12, at the "Blockchain and Digital Economy Summit Forum" of Zhongguancun Big Data Day 2019, Yi Huanhuan, president of the Institute of Beijing Internet Finance Association, made ten predictions about the future of blockchain ,as follows:
1. There will be a special department to track this field;
2. Establish a national blockchain association;
3. There will be a large number of pilots in all walks of life, and the financial industry and government affairs industry will get up first;
4. China's central bank digital currency will play an important role globally;
5. There will be national digital banks, digital asset exchanges, digital investment banks, and digital asset management;
6. Global blockchain standards will be led by China in the future;
7. There will be a large number of leaders, entrepreneurs and scholars in the world-class blockchain field in China;
8. Blockchain performance will be greatly improved in the next three to five years;
9. Mathematics, cryptography, and computing theory will become the most popular subject majors;
10. Blockchain will become an important hot spot in the capital market.