Xintong Academy Wang Yuntao: There are four aspects to promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry

According to C114 communication network news, on December 12, at the "2019 China Unicom 5G Blockchain Symposium", Wang Yuntao, deputy director and senior engineer of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, said that for blockchain Technically, transparency should be improved through four aspects: first, mathematical credibility, new publicity algorithms and cryptographic algorithms need to meet the prohibition of mathematical proof; second, engineering credibility, strengthen technical information disclosure, and products need to be self-certified and innocent; The third is credible management. It is necessary to strengthen the standardization of process management and control the impact of human evil. The fourth is to apply credibility to promote the credible mapping of on-chain and off-chain data and build a secure application environment. Wang Yuntao emphasized that the blockchain technology needs to be broken and the credibility still needs to be strengthened. In the future, the healthy development of the blockchain industry can be promoted from four aspects: alliance chain innovation, system integration, manageability and control, and theoretical breakthroughs.