Pu'er's new product applies cloud tea traceability blockchain technology

According to the China News Network, on December 12, the "Pu'er Youpin Double Twelve Network Red E-commerce Consumer Poverty Alleviation Theme Launching Ceremony and Pu'er Tea Investment Group's New Product Launch Conference" was held in Pu'er Tea House, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province. It is understood that the new product "Pu Cha Tou No. 1" released this time applies the Yuncha traceability blockchain technology. It is understood that the Pu'er Tea Investment Group integrates existing Pu'er tea grain recognition technology, bank bill special printing anti-counterfeiting technology and other anti-counterfeiting traceability systems, as well as NFC chip technology based on blockchain technology and cloud tea traceability system to build a large database of Pu'er tea .