Deputy Director of the Institute of Finance of the Development Research Center of the State Council: China's digital currency needs to be developed in experimental practice

According to China Economic Net News, at the 44th monthly regular meeting of the Bozhi Macro Forum, Zhang Liping, deputy director of the Financial Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, stated that there are four immature opinions on the future development of digital currencies. First of all, the challenges of current digital currencies are largely due to the uncertainty they face and the need to find answers in experimental practice. Secondly, the functions of non-statutory and legal digital currencies should be different, and they should not be substitute or opposite, and they can coexist. Third, for large countries, legal digital currency can be described as a mobilization of the whole body. It is very important to study and demonstrate actively and seriously, and it needs to be extremely careful to promote it. Fourth, we must attach importance to the practice of illegally deciding digital currencies within a limited range. Just like Libra, in fact, I do not value its detailed technical issues, what is important is that it may lead the relevant rules and standards in the world. In this regard, is it possible to allow qualified institutions and enterprises to try to issue illegal digital currencies that do not use money, do not make money, have practical applications, and have stable mechanisms, and explore rules and standards that lead the development and application of digital currencies. At present, there are more than 2,000 illegal cryptocurrencies or assets in the world. I believe that only by our own actual attempts can we better grasp the rules and standards of digital currency technology in the world.