Xinhua Perspective: Blockchain has been implemented in judicial depository and livelihood services, but its platform construction and coordination are difficult

According to Xinhua News, a survey by a reporter from Xinhua Insights found that the blockchain technology, which is "often talked and incomprehensible" by the public, has quietly been deposited in judicial records, government affairs management, livelihood services, food traceability, and supply chain management. Wait for the landing in the scene. At the same time, bottlenecks such as difficulty in data interconnection, interoperability, and coordination are also prominent in popularization and application. At the same time, in the financial and fiscal fields, the application of blockchain technology is conducive to reducing computing costs and enhancing asset credibility. In addition, there are currently some “pseudo-applications” in the promotion process of blockchain applications. For example, some of the so-called blockchain-based applications such as "blockchain chicken raising", "blockchain cultural relics identification", and so on. The data is only stored on the company's server, not synchronized to upstream and downstream, and can be tampered at any time. Solve trust issues. The reporter also found that because blockchain technology involves multi-party entity data interconnection, application landing and promotion need to coordinate multi-party institutions, and the construction and coordination of blockchain platforms is difficult.