From the media: Bitmain's 5nm mining machine chip or the world's first completed 5nm test-grade chip

On the afternoon of December 12, Wu said that the blockchain stated on its Weibo that it had learned from people close to TSMC: Bitmain's 5nm mining machine chip, or the world's first 5nm test-grade chip that has been packaged. It is reported that the yield rate of TSMC's 5nm test chips has reached an average of 80%, and it will be put into mass production in the first half of 2020. The performance improvement is 7% to 15% compared with 7nm. Prior to this, Jia Nan had won the world's first 7nm test-level chip leader. The design and packaging of the mining machine chip is relatively simple, so it is easy to become the "first", but in terms of production capacity, TSMC will still give priority to large customers such as Apple, Hisilicon, and Qualcomm. Babbitt is verifying the above information.