Zhongxiang Bit is strict: no blockchain technology team can make it without 50 people

Source: Mars Finance .

Author: Written thick


Mars Finance reports that the Blockchain & Digital Economy Summit Forum hosted by the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee and the China Information Association, and organized by the China Academy of Informatization Development and the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Commission and the 8th Zhongguancun University The data day was held in Zhongguancun, Beijing on December 12. At the meeting, Yan Ting, the founder of Beijing Zhongxiangbit Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech, "Shared Application of Blockchain Technology in Industrial Scenarios."

During the meeting, Mars Finance interviewed Yan Ting and learned his views on the development of the industry.

Mars Finance: In your speech, you said that the blockchain technology team cannot do it without 50 people. Why is there such a view?

Tight: Blockchain is an emerging technology, which is a combination of distributed data storage, P2P, consensus mechanism, cryptography and other technologies. Such a technology has a very difficult coefficient, so it is necessary to make blockchain technology A lot of manual collaboration is required, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the goal.

Mars Finance: But the code of the blockchain is open source, and a lot of mature content can be used directly, or does it require so much labor?

Yan Ting: Although the code is open source, it cannot be used directly in the development business. There is a long process from code to software, from software to products, from products to products, and finally, the ability of commercial products to operate on the market. Open source code can only be used for POC, and when it is applied, it needs to be changed. And the integration with the original business is not simple, in addition, there are high operating and maintenance costs.

Mars Finance: At present, many well-known public chains have stated that TPS can reach more than 3000, and there are not so many developers, but it still works well.

Yan Ting: Although many public chains have also developed well, it is another matter to form applications and do business. In reality, the specific business is very complex and subject to specific circumstances. Like the agriculture + blockchain I mentioned in my speech today, the idea is very good, but the IT foundation of this industry is too poor. This is a typical example of being constrained by the environment. For the blockchain to develop, the IT environment friendly. In addition, the public chain does not need operation and maintenance, and most of the operation and maintenance costs are shared by the community, so development should be facilitated. However, many enterprise-level businesses use the structure of the alliance chain. The cost of establishing and operating the alliance chain is very high, so the technical team's requirements are even stricter.

Mars Finance: The development cost of blockchain technology is so high, is there so much demand in the market? How will the development of the industry change in the future?

Tough and strict: The test for technology practitioners in the blockchain industry will be more stringent in the future. I firmly believe that as long as we do a good job in technology and create value, we can respond to no matter how the market changes. In fact, the application demand of blockchain in the market is still relatively large. For example, Zhongxiang Bit signed a contract of 60 million this year and has cooperation in the fields of finance, government, and military. The most basic deposit certificate is only the first step. Among the blockchain products we provide, there are black bank applications. List sharing platforms, supply chain finance platforms, and sensitive data auditing platforms for government services are all good application scenarios.