Zhongqingbao Subsidiary to Sign "Blockchain Smart Winery" Project Contract with Doujiu Wine Industry

According to the news on December 12, Zhongqingbao (300052.SZ) announced that the company held the 31st meeting of the fourth board of directors on December 12, 2019, and reviewed and approved the "Regulations on Wholly-owned Subsidiaries and Related Legal Persons" "Blockchain + Smart Winery" project to sign a software development contract and related transaction proposal ", Shenzhen Proton Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd. (" Proton Interconnection ", Party B), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, intends to cooperate with the company's associated legal person Dou Jiu Wine Co., Ltd. ("Dou Jiu Wine", Party A) signed the "Blockchain + Smart Winery" project software development contract ("Software Development Contract") ).