I spent 10 minutes and bought a record on Amazon with 0.005BTC.

To be precise, it can be purchased indirectly.

Eight years ago, an American programmer could only use Bitcoin to exchange a pizza coupon at the Geek Forum; after 8 years, you could buy 60% of the goods in Bitcoin on Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce site. .

You might think that Amazon is opening up cryptocurrency payment channels. In fact, there is a browser extension called Moon, which announced on April 22 that it supports Bitcoin's lightning network payment on Amazon.com.

According to the CEO, this extension will pop up a QR code of the Lightning Network when you pay. When you use Lightning Network to pay for Bitcoin, the Moon backend also converts Bitcoin to French currency in real time. website.

So, to be precise, Amazon has nothing to do with supporting the lightning network.

What really works is the encryption extension program Moon, which has a role as a redemption intermediary between consumers in the e-commerce platform. Before Moon launched the Lightning Network, there were 250 beta users who connected to the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange account via Moon and spent cryptocurrency directly on the e-commerce site.

This is actually a good sign. It seems that the mainstream e-commerce websites accept cryptocurrency payments, but if you expand the program, linking global e-commerce is not a dream. According to Moon's official website, in addition to Amazon, there are also Domino's Pizza, AliExpress, Ebay, Target e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce Etsy are on the support list. It is expected to be seen soon.

In short, no matter what your heart is not, when I see this news, I am already eager to move, I can't wait to try it first.

So, I opened up my "very rough" cryptocurrency shopping path.

First, I downloaded the plugin version of Moon while ensuring that the Chorme browser was downloaded. A minute later, my Google Chrome appeared this "unfinished" small logo similar to the mathematical symbol, which is Moon's logo. After downloading, just register your Moon account.

Next, I opened Amazon (China is temporarily unavailable, so I opened Amazon.). Considering that the lightning network is only suitable for small payments, I chose the product within the budget of $20, my gold master. – Editing Ark as a slash youth, chose a jazz pianist Bill Evans's album: How My Heart Sings, which costs $18.6.

The next step is the large dismissal.

First of all, Meiya is not suitable for domestic users. The receiving address that needs to be filled in the US and Asia can only be filled in the US. The domestic address is invalid. Therefore, if there is no receiving address or user of the harvester in the US, you can click So far.

However, in order to complete this task, I found several US addresses on Baidu and filled them in, and I went to the payment method interface.

The payment method includes credit card and gift card. The owner of this credit card is the gold master I mentioned before – editing Ark. He gave up his credit card account and helped me successfully reach the third step. This is the final payment confirmation interface.

Don't worry about paying. At this time, Moon will work. Click on the ∞ symbol at the beginning to see the following interface:

Plus $5.99 for shipping, a total of $27.11, automatically converted to 0.00496758BTC, slide open, you can get the following interface:

The following is the normal operation of the lightning network.

The premise is that you have to have a lightning wallet, and the amount inside needs to be greater than the amount you need to pay. The official gives a few recommendations: blue wallet (iOS & Android), Eclair (Android), Casa (desktop).

At present, there are a lot of wallet support networks, such as Zap, Lightning Wallet, Lightning Peach wallet, and domestic lightning-like network transfers such as Bitt and Coin Wallet.

The simple operation is to click the lightning network wallet transfer function, scan the above QR code, or copy the address, you can transfer.

Here is an example of a coin wallet:

Scan the above QR code or copy the address to transfer.

If it is a special lightning network wallet, you first need to raise the currency to BlueWallet's bitcoin address (need to be chained); create a new lightning network wallet in BlueWallet, click on manage funds, establish lightning network payment channel (need to be wound); last scan The above two-dimensional code can be transferred. Among them, the transaction fee is required for the uplink, and the channel fee is required for the lightning network payment.

According to data from 1ml.com on April 15, 2019, the number of nodes in the lightning network is currently 8004, which has increased by 8.10% in the past 30 days, while the number of channels is 38,637, which has decreased by 1.7 in the past 30 days. %. The lightning network carrying capacity is currently 1064.68 BTCs.

That is to say, if all the channels in the lightning network are online, each channel can also hold about 0.02756 bitcoins, which can accommodate a transaction of about $151 according to the current price of $5488.91. But the general nodes are rarely able to be all online, so this capacity may be higher.

Moreover, since the lightning network is a chain channel, the speed of transaction transfer is far beyond the channel on the chain.

If it is fast, the time can be controlled within 10 minutes. Although it is far too far in the second world of the traditional payment world, it is much faster than the one-day operation of Bitcoin.

So, are you excited about the lightning network?

Original article, author: Aloe

Source: Planet Daily

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