Zhongan Technology Blockchain Development Senior Expert: Alliance chain and public chain will cross and merge in the future, giving birth to a new technology

Wu Xiaochuan, a senior expert in blockchain development of Zhongan Technology, said that the alliance chain and the public chain will cross and merge in the future, and a new technology will be born. These two chains will not be split. It is possible that other technologies will join to form a next-generation trusted value network. Wu Xiaochuan explained that cloud computing pays more attention to distributed under centralized power, while blockchain is decentralized distributed, two advantages conflict. However, the blockchain can solve the problem of auxiliary cryptographic algorithms. When the computing power is insufficient, cloud computing is needed to return the calculation results to the blockchain network, and then verify that it is indeed calculated in accordance with the original rules. From this development path, I feel that the two will be more a relationship of assistance and complement.