Chinese Medicine Application Working Group of Key Laboratory of Blockchain and Data Security Established

Recently, the 12th (Jinan) International Information Technology Expo and the 2019 China (Jinan) Digital Economy High-End Summit were held in Jinan. At the "Blockchain Technology and Trusted Digital Economy Ecosystem" sub-forum, the "Key Laboratory of Blockchain Technology and Data Security Industry and Information Technology Ministry" was officially established and the unveiling ceremony was held. Dongfangtong serves as the deputy leader of the working group of traditional Chinese medicine. The newly established TCM application working group, consisting of China TCM Newspaper, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and technology companies, will further promote the integration of blockchain technology and innovative applications in the medical industry, and provide a good technical exchange platform for multi-party collaboration . The aim is to use the open, transparent, traceable and non-tamperable characteristics of the blockchain to solve the current trust crisis, product quality and data silos in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, and promote the construction of a traditional Chinese medicine service system and high-quality industrial development.