Qianhai Taxation Bureau solves practical problems for taxpayers and promotes blockchain electronic invoices

According to the Shenzhen Business Daily, recently, the Qianhai Taxation Bureau paid attention to the actual needs and the independent needs of taxpayers, and held a blockchain electronic invoice promotion meeting for companies that use a large amount of tickets and whose main customers are individuals. At the promotion meeting, the tax department focused on the policy basis, access process, and advantages of blockchain electronic invoices, and answered questions on behalf of participating companies on the spot. "Blockchain invoices are a new type of electronic invoices. With the help of the underlying technology of the blockchain, combined with new payment and reimbursement models, blockchain invoices can be created through the creation of a blockchain electronic invoice management system, a third-party payment or invoicing service platform, and an ERP system. The system is an abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning, which refers to a management platform that is based on information technology and provides decision-making methods for enterprise employees and decision-makers with systematic management. Automatic reimbursement, complete closed-loop processes on the chain. "The staff introduced.