Kelan Software released its 2018 annual board of directors business review, the company achieved a number of results in blockchain technology

On April 25th, Kelan Software released the 2018 annual board operation review, pointing out that in 2018, the company based on the long-term research results in blockchain technology and professional blockchain R&D team, combined with the city commercial bank fund clearing center In-depth understanding of the financial industry, combined with Tencent Financial Cloud to develop a city commercial bank bill blockchain application, using blockchain technology, establish a data sharing blockchain platform between financial institutions that cooperate with bank drafts, digitize bank drafts, Realize bank billing information and query function. Cooperative financial institutions can use the platform to query and use bank drafts; the platform will also provide technical support for exploring the digitization of bank drafts and realizing the transfer of bills of exchange information. The project builds a silver ticket alliance blockchain in a consortium of financial institutions, and uses technology design to avoid blockchain restrictions on the public chain, thereby achieving a significant increase in transaction speed and throughput, and achieving high security that meets financial requirements. High availability.