Jingdong Shen, Vice President of Jingdong Group: Blockchain has four more valuable applications in the manufacturing industry

According to China Economic Net News, recently, Shen Jianguang, vice president of JD.com and chief economist of JD.com, said in an interview that the four major applications of blockchain in the manufacturing industry are: connecting distributed manufacturing resources. , Enable asset lifecycle management, ensure end-to-end additive manufacturing (AM) processes, and increase visibility into the supply chain. For example, traceability of product manufacturing, combined with blockchain technology, producers can pass the raw material supplier of each product, the entire processing process flow, quality information, processing equipment number and other information through the blockchain, the entire supply Each unit on the chain can understand the actual operating status of each branch factory. However, it should be noted that the application of blockchain in the manufacturing industry is not a one-man show. It also involves data analysis and capture of equipment production data and processing parameters. It also requires the comprehensive use of big data, cloud computing, and Technologies such as the Internet of Things. This also reflects a characteristic of blockchain applications, that is, the integration and use with other digital technologies will be the mega trend and the general direction.