Zhao Xiaolei: Fortune 500 companies are actively exploring the dividends of blockchain development

According to the China News Service, on December 13, the 2019 Shanghai International Blockchain Enabling Traditional Industry Summit opened in Shanghai. At the meeting, Zhao Xiaolei, director of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's Shanghai Investment Promotion Center, said that the emergence and development of advanced digital manufacturing technology is bringing fundamental changes to the manufacturing industry, and the boundaries between physical manufacturing systems and digital manufacturing systems have become increasingly Coming smaller. Advanced technologies including blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, digital analysis, etc. have brought huge changes to the industry and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. At present, all countries in the world and the world's top 500 companies have actively deployed to explore the dividends of blockchain development. At the same time, blockchain is not only a technological innovation and progress, but also a new round of business revolution that disrupts the global industrial chain pattern.