Than the original chain Zhong Lifei: every layer of the public chain will require essential universal components

On December 13, in TokenInsight's "Dialog Chief" online event, Zhong Lifei, director of technical operations of Bytom, said that from the perspective of the layered model of the public chain, -Contract layer-application layer "all need some indispensable common components, such as the state layer in the data layer and modules related to data interaction between on-chain and off-chain, and various pluggable in the consensus layer to meet different business needs Consensus algorithms, asset interaction and economic models in the incentive layer, and support for virtual machines and instructions in the contract layer. Compared with the alliance chain solution, Bystack has the advantage of being open source at the bottom, supporting flexible customization, and a scalable multi-chain architecture and interactive cross-chain technology. According to reports, Bystack's blockchain BaaS service platform has provided technical services and support for Hangzhou's "run once", Wuzhen's garbage classification, a bank's international trade business, blockchain contracts, copyright protection and other services.