Lawyer's point of view: Using QQ group and WeChat group for distribution and distribution may be suspected of forming a “MLM”

Recently, the police of the Zhuhui Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Hengyang City successfully cracked a network fraud case with virtual digital currency as a cover, and some of the agent members were also implicated in the police station. Zhang Wei, an attorney of Jincheng Tongda Law Firm, pointed out that if the agent invests in the distribution and adopts a similar spread through the QQ group and the WeChat group, it adopts the method of “human transmission”, which may be suspected of forming “MLM”. If in the MLM organization, it is the organizer and leader, then it may be suspected of forming an organization to lead the pyramid scheme crime. If the investigator uses the information difference to infringe the rights of the actual investor, the project party, or misappropriate funds, it may be suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits, misappropriating funds, fund-raising fraud, fraud and encroachment. As to whether the act of substituting a crime constitutes an illegal crime, whether it constitutes a crime or not, it is necessary to analyze the specific facts of the case.