PetroChina Lu Jianzhong: Blockchain has broad application prospects in the oil and gas industry

Lu Jianzhong, deputy director of the China Petroleum Economics and Technology Research Institute, said recently that Venezuela's petroleum coin is a bold attempt to apply blockchain technology at the national level by means of modern digital technology, providing new ideas for the development of the oil and gas industry. He believes that the application prospect of blockchain technology in the oil and gas industry is broad and can be roughly divided into three stages: "point", "line" and "surface". Among them, "dot" represents the application of single business such as contract, cross-border payment, land management in the oil and gas industry, "line" represents the full-node serial application of the entire supply chain of a certain product, and "face" represents the "line" Integration and interweaving to form a network that plays a role in the entire life cycle of a product