Quantum chain developers, Beam Foundation and others jointly publish a solution paper based on MimbleWimble to achieve privacy assets

Recently, several developers of the Quantum Chain Foundation have collaborated with graduate students in information security from Peking University and core developers of the Beam Foundation to publicly publish a paper on IACR ePrint entitled "Confidential Assets on MimbleWimble". Among them, Zheng Yi, the lead developer of the Quantum Chain Foundation in China, led the related work as the first author of the paper.
This paper designed a solution based on MimbleWimble to implement Confidential Assets, and described the implementation of the solution in detail. It can be regarded as an upgrade proposal for MimbleWimble. With this solution, the blockchain using MimbleWimble technology can realize the function of private assets, so that users' information such as the transfer address, quantity, and asset type during asset issuance and transfer can be protected.
This solution is an exploration and contribution of the Quantum Chain Foundation in the area of ​​privacy asset technology. Qtum quantum chain is also actively researching more privacy-related technologies, which will bring more surprises to users in the future.