Tether's response: New York Attorney General's statement is highly misleading

Tether officially issued a statement today stating that it has submitted a summary of the response to the New York Supreme Court's First Division (Appeals Division) in response to a brief submitted by the New York Attorney General's Office (NYAG) nearly 10 days ago. Tether believes that the entire proceedings of NYAG should have been rejected by the Supreme Court in the first instance. The procedure was not caused by any actions by Bitfinex or Tether in New York, and Tether Tokens are not securities or commodities under the New York Martin Act. In addition, NYAG's presentation reads as if it were the regulators of Bitfinex and Tether, but apparently not. In addition, NYAG's factual statements are highly misleading. It ignored the fact that Bitinex had repaid $ 100 million in loans and paid interest a few months ago. NYAG also questioned the LEO token, which explicitly barred U.S. buyers from buying, even after NYAG obtained a unilateral order in April this year. Therefore, LEO tokens cannot provide a legal basis for this process. NYAG did not find any victims throughout the process because it did not exist. USDT holders have the right to redeem them exactly at the price they pay. Tether has proven itself to be a useful, liquid, and trusted digital asset in the crypto ecosystem, and its use cases and market value have been increasing since NYAG began this work. Tether plays a key role in the digital economy, and the stablecoin chosen by the community will continue to exist.