Due to core issues slowing down development, it will take at least 3-5 years to fully launch ETH 2.0

According to BeInCrypto, Ethereum 2.0 is making progress as the Istanbul upgrade is successfully completed, but the full ETH 2.0 timeline has not yet been announced. According to a recent official blog post, it can be expected that "it may take many years to fully launch Ethereum 2.0." According to an overview of the most pressing issues facing Ethereum developers, there is still a long way to go to implement ETH 2.0 ("Serenity") Way to go. The team is currently focusing on more incremental upgrades to Ethereum 1.x, and related research is being broken down into smaller updates to ensure that the original chain is still operational during this transition period. The task now is "to extend the life of the original chain by at least 3-5 years before upgrading to ETH 2.0." The reasons for this "delay" are manifold and complex. In this blog post, Griffin Ichiba Hotchkiss mentions some core issues that are currently slowing developers down, including:

Chain storage

2. Block size and transaction throughput;

3. State size and network performance; the team is still actively researching solutions to these problems.

In short, the task of migrating existing ETH 1.x to Serenity becomes more difficult, and the full Ethereum 2.0 may take many years to achieve.