Bank of America Merrill Lynch's best-performing asset in a decade, Bitcoin ranks first

According to CNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla, analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) have listed the best and worst performing assets of the past decade. Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin has occupied the top spot after spawning a new batch of cryptocurrency millionaires and overturning the entire financial system.


BAML estimates that investing $ 1 in bitcoin in early 2010 will reach a staggering $ 90,026 today.

From this perspective, when programmer Laszlo Hanyecz bought the Great John Pizza for 10,000 Bitcoins on May 22, 2010, the price of Bitcoin was $ 0.0025, which was the first physical transaction in Bitcoin history. . As of press time, his pizza was worth $ 72.67 million.

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest rate of return ever. Its early adopters could get a $ 1.3 million return on investment.

The website organizes a list of Bitcoin millionaires in 2019. On the list are Jered Kenna (professional trader who makes mistakes, $ 30 million), Winklevoss brothers (founder, $ 11 million), Charlie Shrem (founder, $ 45 million), and Gavin Andresen (developer, 200 US $ 10 million), Roger Ver (investor, entrepreneur, US $ 52 million), Yifu Guo (from mining to entrepreneurship, US $ 5 million), Tony Gallippi (entrepreneur, US $ 20 million), Dave Carlson (investor, entrepreneur (US $ 35 million), Ross Ulbricht (Founder of the Silk Road, US $ 100 million), Satoshi Nakamoto (Inventor of Bitcoin, US $ 1.1 billion).

From the above list, it can be seen that they either have a certain knowledge reserve in the field of finance or mining, or they are committed to starting a business in the field of cryptocurrency. Therefore, it can be seen that we can't judge Bitcoin's wealthy deification simply from its 10 years of high returns. The rich deification does not exist. What they have experienced in the past 10 years is beyond our imagination. The most important thing is to cultivate ourselves well.

Meanwhile, the Burmese kyat was rated as the worst currency of the 2010s. Soon after the central bank's decision to allow the Kyat to US dollar to float freely, the fate of the Kyat was destined.

During the past decade, the Burmese kyat has continued to depreciate, which is reminiscent of some competing currencies that have fallen by more than 99% since December 2017. The Burmese kyat, which was worth $ 1 in 2010, is now worth a meager $ 0.004.

Today, financial analyst Max Keiser said that Bitcoin has hit a record high against many fiat currencies in 2019.