Monitoring: 2500 Upbit stolen ETH flows into three new addresses

Whale Alert monitoring data shows that around 9 am today, Beijing time, the stolen funds of the Upbit exchange have changed again. The hackers transferred 500 ETH, 1000.5 ETH, and 1000.5 ETH into three new addresses in three times.

The address for transferring 500 ETH is: 0x29aa7c37a626a8644bb2c589e4a8a71e33f51bb6;

The address transferred into 1000.5 ETH (for the first time) is: 0xe07568ecb6d47fe17e6233b4b7a0f2056adc59aa;

The address transferred into 1000.5 ETH (second time) is: 0xfddb61d4886bd552f121bcc5873e822c7c20de3c.