Yi Huanhuan: In 2020, encrypted digital currency smart contracts distributed applications (DApps) will bloom in full

According to the "Securities Daily" report, Yi Huanhuan, the director of the Beijing Internet Finance Association Research Institute, said that in 2020, the blockchain will enter a fast and widely used application, such as encrypted digital currency + smart contracts + distributed applications (DApp). Full bloom, especially in the financial field, "blockchain + finance" will be fully applied: stocks, loans, mortgages, products, smart property and smart contracts will all be involved. Blockchain is not just a technology, but in this round of technological revolution, the impact of blockchain is far greater than other technologies, and there may be disruptive businesses, technologies or enterprises. Libra is actually a stable digital currency, but it is an anchor currency basket that is mainly used for payment, especially cross-border payments; if the current situation is expected to develop, countries will issue targeted regulatory measures in the first half of 2020 Or risk alerts. According to the current development scenario of Libra, central banks in various countries may take action to promote the entry of the "regular army" into the market. Encrypted digital currency will be upgraded from idealistic 1.0 to commercialistic 2.0, which will become an irreversible trend. At the same time, multinational companies The alliance dominates the process of currency denationalization, and capitalist globalization has entered a new stage; opening up a new battlefield for the digital economy's big game, Libra or the extension of the hegemony of the U.S. dollar and the representation of interests; In addition, the overseas business of Alipay and WeChat Pay may also be affected Blow.