Swedish central bank partners with Accenture to launch e-krona e-krona pilot platform

According to a report by Reuters on December 13, the Riksbank of Sweden plans to create a digital currency pilot platform called e-krona.


(Source: riksbank )

Swedish central bank cooperates with Irish Accenture

The report said that the Swedish central bank said it would work with Irish professional services company Accenture to create a pilot platform for eKrone. The move aims to increase understanding of the potential of digital currencies. The line says:

With the pilot project, the Swedish central bank hopes to further understand the technological potential of eKrona.

Governor of the Bank of Sweden: Libra is "extremely important catalyst"

As the report points out, the Swedish central bank has been closely monitoring whether digital currency should be issued, given the sharp decline in cash use in Sweden in recent years.

In fact, the Swedish central bank seems to have been paying close attention to issues surrounding digital currencies. In mid-October, Stefan Ingves, the governor of the Bank of Sweden, mentioned that the Libra stablecoin project on Facebook was a "very important catalytic event", and these measures will make central banks around the world do a good job of digital transformation ready.

However, just today, Switzerland-where the Crypto Valley is located-suddenly suspended the issuance of digital francs. According to the Daily Telegraph, the country ’s federal commission has concluded that central bank digital currencies fail to meet expectations for payment efficiency, effective monetary policy and a more stable financial system. Overall, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.