Rui Jian Technology CTO Ji Jianxun: Blockchain will create a transparent, trusted, shared, inclusive, decentralized Internet

According to, on December 14, at the "IN-Chain Global Blockchain Summit" directed by the Electronic Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and hosted by Interchain Pulse, Ruijian Technology CTO Ji Jianxun published a theme Lecture "Building an Internet Big Data Ecology with Blockchain Technology". Ji Jianxun elaborated on the four advantages and problems of the Internet, and the necessity of using blockchain technology to solve the existing problems of the Internet. In addition, Ji Jianxun introduced the bottom layer technology platform of Ruice Technology, which has completely independent intellectual property rights, and pointed out that the platform has features such as high TPS, low latency, security, and three-dimensional data uploading, which can fully meet Internet applications. Data on-chain requirements, and has applied for more than 300 invention patents. In the end, Ji Jianxun said: Blockchain will subvert the Internet industry and create a transparent, trusted, shared, inclusive, non-intermediate, decentralized Internet.