Chongqing: 2-5 blockchain industry bases will be cultivated next year

According to the Chongqing Daily News, on December 14, at the Digital Economy and Blockchain Technology Application Seminar hosted by the Nanan District Government, Chongqing Economic Development Zone Management Committee, and China Zhigu (Chongqing) Science and Technology Park, and hosted by Chongqing Software Park, Many blockchain industry companies and experts have discussed and exchanged on blockchain-related issues, and suggested that Chongqing grasp the blockchain “wind vent” and build a “smart city”. In November this year, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission once again issued relevant policy opinions on promoting the development of blockchain, and proposed that by 2020, the city will cultivate 2-5 blockchain industrial bases. As of now, our city has established the Chongqing Blockchain Industry Innovation Alliance, the Blockchain Industry Association, and is building a Blockchain Think Tank Alliance Research Institute, a Blockchain Alliance Technology Consulting Service Center, and preparing to establish a Blockchain Industry Fund. . At the seminar, many experts suggested that Chongqing should increase investment in blockchain technology research and development in areas such as smart cities and smart manufacturing, and open up a number of blockchain technology application scenarios in areas such as government management and financial services to guide the promotion of the region. Blockchain technology is deeply integrated with traditional and emerging industries. In response, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission stated that the development of the city's blockchain industry will focus on the keywords of "fusion, service, and talent", including the promotion of the integration of blockchain with artificial intelligence, big data and other cutting-edge technologies and the real economy. The use of blockchain technology in the field of public services, as well as strengthening the building of talent teams, and fostering high-level innovation teams.