PeckShield: Since April, Tether has added 240 million new USDTs in Ethereum.

According to blockchain security company PeckShield data, on April 24 (last night) at 19:55, Tether added a new US$70 million ERC20USDT to the Ethereum network (0xf4b51b14b9ee30dc37ec970b50a486f37686e2a8) with a block height of 7,629,963. Values ​​are: 0x925cdcb53a60cf9b7fc2e5a3ceb0e50b2a39eb8c30e9c8d0dfdad05958087c8c. This is also the fourth time since April that USDT has issued ERC20USDT on the Ethereum network, with an additional total of 240 million USDT. Up to now, the total circulation of ERC20USDT has reached 300,010,000 pieces, exceeding USDC and TUSD, occupying the first place in the emerging stable currency market, accounting for 8.52% of the total stable currency market.