From the media: Shenma Mining Machine Yang Zuoxing was arrested, suspected of occupation and occupation

On December 12, Shenzhen Nanshan Procuratorate released this information on the China Procuratorate Network: Recently, our court approved the arrest of the suspect Yang Mooxing for the crime of embezzlement. At present, the case is being further processed. From the media, Wu said that the blockchain issued an article that confirmed from multiple channels that Yang Mouxing was the founder of Shenma Mining Machine, Yang Zuoxing. Previously, on November 8th, the self-published article stated that Bitmain had reported a case of infringing on trade secrets, and then God Ma Yang Zuoxing was investigated by the police. Yang Zuoxing once helped Bitmain to design mining machine chips as a part-time job. He left Bitmain due to uneven distribution of shares and founded Shenma Mining Machine. It is reported that the investigation period of the public security organ after the arrest of the procuratorate is generally 2 months, but the case is complicated and can be extended up to 7 months after approval. After the investigation by the public security organs, the case will be referred to the procuratorate for review and prosecution.