From the media: Yang Zuoxing was arrested within two months or entered the prosecution stage to stay in Shenzhen or have a horse behind

This morning, information was released on December 12th in the Shenzhen Nanshan Procuratorate that the arrest of the suspect Yang Mooxing was approved on the basis of the crime of occupation of the job, and then in the morning, a media letter from Wu said that the suspect was Shenma Mining Machine Yang Zuoxing. Later, the self-published Weibo pointed out several points worth attention: 1. The change from the infringement of trade secrets to the occupation of occupations may be due to the change in the name of the prosecution by Bitmain or the discovery of different evidence during public security investigations; The detention and detention stages have passed, and the arrest stage of the procuratorate has entered. If there is no accident, it will enter the prosecution stage, and the prosecutor's office may return to investigate again. 3. Stay in Shenzhen instead of going to Beijing.