Professor Qian Goodbye of Nanjing Normal University: Strengthening the Construction of Party Conduct and Clean Government Based on Blockchain Technology

According to the National Governance Weekly, recently, Professor Qian Zaijian of Nanjing Normal University published an article "Realistic Application of Blockchain in National Governance and Public Affairs". The article states that, first, blockchain technology has realized data transparency and openness. And the verifiability and traceability that can be carried out through timestamps can be used to further promote the construction of party style, clean government and the fight against corruption, punish corruption with a zero tolerance attitude, and build a system and mechanism that promotes non-corruption, non-corruption, and uncorruption. . Secondly, the trust mechanism of blockchain technology can be applied in party building. In essence, blockchain and law are trust mechanisms, but no matter what the situation is, trust cannot replace supervision. "Incorrect moments cannot be square; irregular rules cannot be round." If the blockchain technology is used properly, it can make the "cage of institutions" denser and stronger in party building. Finally, blockchain technology can help audit supervision and promote the construction of party style and clean government. Blockchain technology will play a significant role in audit supervision, especially financial audit, due to its distributed ledger, traceability, and cryptographic security features, and will have a disruptive effect on national audits.