Chen Sheng, Chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Alliance: Blockchain is a new height for future cyberspace infrastructure

According to Xinhua News, on December 15th, at the "Foundation Ceremony of Beijing Institute of Technology and Business Digital Economy and the First Beijing Industrial and Commercial Digital Economy Lecture Hall", Chen Sheng, Chairman of Century Internet Group and Chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Alliance, stated that The distributed large-scale collaborative digital economy community supported by the blockchain is emerging as a new species. The blockchain is a new height of the future cyberspace infrastructure. Participating experts believe that the digital economy is an unbounded economy, a coordinated economy, and a converged economy. The development of the digital economy requires the coordinated assistance of government, industry, university, and research. Professor Shi Yong, Counselor of the State Council and Director of the Research Center for Virtual Economy and Data Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences believes that big data is a new strategic resource in the digital survival era and an important factor driving innovation. The essence behind big data is "data science".