Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman transmits cryptocurrency from space to a school in Ghana

Erik Finman, a 20-year-old Bitcoin millionaire, launched cryptocurrency from outer space to a school in the Greater Accra region of Ghana on November 4. Finman calls its latest move "cryptospace launch," in which cryptocurrencies can be sent to antennas on Earth via satellite swarms. Crypto space launches are suitable for communities with little or no infrastructure. In this way, he shipped a $ 1,000 MTL to St. Mary's School in Korle Gonno, Greater Accra, Ghana. The school used the funds to repair the roof and build benches and tables. One of the satellites used in the constellation was a satellite that Finman helped launch a year ago. In December 2018, he led the Da Vinci project, when a group of teenagers launched a satellite, including a crypto wallet. The DaVinci project is part of the NASA Nanosatellite Education Launch Program, which attracts and retains students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors, and allows students to launch small satellites. It is reported that Finman bought bitcoin worth $ 1,000 at the age of 12 (2011), when the price of bitcoin was 10 to 12 dollars. Today he holds 446 bitcoins, with a total value of more than $ 3.2 million at Friday's price ($ 7243).