Li Daoliang of China Agricultural University: will use high-tech means such as blockchain in the "factory fish and vegetable symbiosis" 4.0 base

On December 15, the 2019 China Nansha Smart Fisheries Summit was held in Nansha. Nansha Development Zone Management Committee and China Agricultural University signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation in smart agriculture. Li Daoliang, a professor at China Agricultural University, said in an interview with reporters that we will land in Nansha Phase I of a "factory fish and vegetable symbiosis" 4.0 base with an area of ​​more than 150 acres, using IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain High-tech methods to improve the accuracy of fishery equipment and water quality, improve resource utilization, accurately place fish feed, reduce the production of ammonia nitrogen, and reduce the rate of treatment, thereby reducing drug use and environmental damage, achieving resource conservation, efficient production, and the environment Friendly, product-safe goals.