Data show: Tether added USDT4,990,000 in the wave field this morning.

According to blockchain security company PeckShield data, at 0:09 this morning, Tether officially added a $49.9 million TRC20 USDT on the TRON network, and forwarded it to TAyAA1xjZGyjQYP8UHp5qFtRcLgUG2XnPi, block height: 8663365, transaction hash The value is: b50772dd61fb2700e474aec2f3a98a4f24379c5aff8c1cabbe90d7fbcdb32473. Since Tether announced cooperation with the Wavefield Foundation in March, Tether has issued a total of 99,901,010 TRC20 USDTs to the wave field network.