Xu Nuojin, President of the Zhengzhou Central Sub-branch of the Central Bank: Strengthening research and exchanges and cooperation on digital currencies

On December 16, Xu Nuo, a representative of the National People ’s Congress and president of the People ’s Bank of China ’s Zhengzhou Central Sub-branch, expressed the article “The advantages of the financial system should be quickly transformed into financial governance effectiveness”. Service quality. Make better use of the key fundamental role of financial infrastructure in connecting financial institutions, ensuring market operation, serving the real economy, and preventing financial risks. Improve the financial infrastructure hardware architecture to ensure the stability and security of financial system information. Increase financial information sharing and exchanges, and promote the joint construction of a comprehensive financial data statistics platform. Encourage fintech innovation on the basis of controllable risks, make full use of emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to innovate financial service models and comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of financial services. Strengthen research and exchange and cooperation on digital currency, closely follow the development trend of international digital currency, and strive to win the initiative in the field of international digital currency.