Caixin: The founder of Shenma Mining Machine Yang Zuoxing was arrested for suspected occupation of 100,000 yuan

On December 16th, Caixin issued a statement stating that in recent days, the criminal suspect Yang Mouxing approved by the People's Procuratorate of Nanshan District, Shenzhen City of Guangdong Province for appropriation of the job was Shenzhen Bit Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. ) Founder Yang Zuoxing. A person familiar with the matter told Caixin reporters that Yang Zuoxing was actually taken away at the end of October. "On October 29th, all three major mining machine manufacturers had major incidents. Bitmain's internal fighting, Jia Nan Yunzhi went public, and Shenma Mining Machine Yang Zuoxing was arrested." The person familiar with the matter said that Shenma Mining Machine was the second For Bitmain's mining machine giant, the market share is about 40%. In addition, Bitmain previously reported the case to the Beijing Haidian Police on the grounds of infringing on trade secrets, and it has been a year or two before the procedure. This time, the Shenzhen police detained Yang Zuoxing for allegedly embezzling 100,000 yuan. Although the case was of small value, he has already moved from the civil field to the criminal field. I do not know how to develop it in the future.