Taizhou's First "Internet of Things Blockchain" System Solves Pollution Control Problems

Taizhou pioneered the "Internet of Things + Blockchain" recycling system in the province. At 9:55 am on December 15th, a sewage carrier sailed into the fishing port of Jiaojiang Center and dumped the collected oily waste water into a huge "black box" on the shore. Immediately, detailed data appeared on the digital display of the "black box": at 9:55 on December 15, 2019, oily wastewater, 110 kg. "This recycling device is called 'Ocean Cloud Warehouse'. We are now handing over all the hazardous waste we collect to it, which is convenient and efficient." On the entire process of data supervision, the "Internet of Things + Blockchain" system introduction zone Blockchain technology allows visualization of the entire process of hazardous waste.