BitMEX launches Lightning Network Penalty Transaction Monitoring System, which has counted a total of 2 BTC failed thefts

News on December 16th, BitMEX Research, a research division of the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX, released a penalty transaction monitoring system based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which can capture all failed thefts in the Lightning Network in real time, currently totaling about 2 Bitcoins . Note: BitMEX Research indicates that the monitoring system may also be manipulated. For example, someone deliberately controls two nodes and initiates such operations, but for people who are concerned about the development of Lightning Network, this may be a useful function, and individual users also This feature allows you to follow the Lightning Network channels they have opened. In October this year, a user claimed that 4 Bitcoins were lost due to the penalty mechanism of Lightning Network. BitMEX Research did not find such transactions in the monitoring system, so he believed that the user did not lose 4 Bitcoins.