Report: Bitcoin's cumulative original transaction volume reaches $ 7.5 trillion, which is 3.3 times the real transaction volume

On December 16th, a report released by Fidelity Digital Assets showed that the cumulative original transaction volume of the Bitcoin blockchain was exaggerated by 3.3 times compared to the real transaction volume, and passed several filters. Adjusting the transaction volume can better understand the actual economic activity on the blockchain. Specifically, the original Bitcoin blockchain transaction volume includes change transaction volume, that is, Bitcoin is sent back to the same address during the transaction, so it does not represent the actual transaction volume. In addition, transactions may be counted multiple times due to the continuous costs and transfers generated by the transaction process and the mixer. Coin Metrics filtered the change and count transactions multiple times, and found that since the birth of Bitcoin, the real Bitcoin blockchain transaction volume was $ 2.2 trillion, while the original cumulative transaction volume was $ 7.5 trillion. Although the real transaction volume will "shrink" a lot, the adjusted figures still indicate that the economic activity on the Bitcoin blockchain has been healthy.